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I Know Places by Lykke Li

I know places we can go, babe

I know places we can go, babe

The high won’t fail here, babe

No, the high won’t hurt here, babe

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Love EP

Sex… Bear

Love me
Hate me
Want me
I don’t Care !

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Forever The Sickest Kids,
Forever the Sickest Kids

It’s a sunny day on the west coast,
And currently,
My shades are drawn,
TV’s on.
I haven’t left this place for days,

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The Vaccines,
What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?

Well, I don’t wanna wake up in the mornin’,
But I’ve got to face the day.
That’s what all the friends I do not like as much as you say.

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Noah And The Whale,
Last Night on Earth

You’ve got more than money and sense, my friend
You’ve got heart and you go in your own way
What you don’t have now will come back again
You’ve got heart and you go in your own way

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Skylar Grey,
It's Raining Again
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Britney Spears,
The Singles Collection Disc 4
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Mr. Forbes

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Alex Turner,
Submarine (Original Songs from the Motion Picture)
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James Vincent McMorrow,
Early In The Morning

This Old Dark Machine by James Vincent McMorrow